Monthly Archives: April 2015

Girls Getaway – DIY Essentials Kit

This weekend I’m embarking on a girls getaway with a few of my friends. We’re headed to a quaint little boutique village just a few hours north of our hometown for a couple of days of downtime. That adds up to two whole nights away from my hubby and kids to sleep in, visit the spa, eat hot meals, drink wine, talk about grown up stuff, and indulge in some serious me time. To say I’m really looking forward to this trip would be an understatement, I an downright giddy!

To help me pass the time as I countdown to departure, I thought it would be fun to put together a little “girls getaway survival kit” as a sweet little surprise for my friends and a great kick off for our trip. I’ve packed it with a few essentials and wee bit of humour to get the laughs rolling right away. Continue reading