Monthly Archives: February 2015

Spa Party Invitation

Q is turning seven in a few weeks and has decided on a spa theme for her birthday party. She attended one last year that my girlfriend hosted for her daughter and ever since Q regularly asks to soak her feet and put cucumber slices on her eyes. Ahh… the pampered life of a sweet six year old.

With the party date fast approaching I set to work on the invitations. Naturally I scoured Pinterest for some great ideas and came across this one. Since this adorable template by One Charming Party was available as a free printable, my work was halfway done. Continue reading

Failure To Launch

I’ve been quietly working away on this blog on and off for oh I don’t know… about two years or so. For a long time I kept my visibility “private” and just plucked away at the design when I could and wrote a new post here and there.

Each visit to my admin page brought with it a small victory of feeling accomplished in having contributed some new thoughts, but that was then coupled with several setbacks when I realized how technically inept I am. One day my images weren’t all sized the same, the next certain widgets weren’t working properly, and stuff like that. Continue reading