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Island Inspired Slumber Party

It was this time last year that Moana was released on home video, so my oldest decided she wanted to feature the flick during her squad sleepover to celebrate her 9th birthday. The movie’s Polynesian influence was the perfect inspiration for an island inspired fete so I used this as my jumping off point for […]

Countdown to Christmas

We’ve had our first snowfall of the season and as they say… it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The first parade of the season was this past weekend, the local radio station has switched to holiday tunes and neighbours houses are starting to light up the night. I managed to get my winter planters arranged […]

Party Animals On Parade

For Q’s animal themed birthday party I decided I wanted to try out this trend of painted plastic animals. I’ve seen them used in various applications such as here and here and was inspired.

A Wild Celebration

For my oldest’s 8th birthday she wanted to invite a few friends out to a movie to see Zooptopia and then come back to the house for dessert. I love these small intimate parties the girls have been favouring these past couple of years and this formula of just a few close friends, a short outing […]

Mermaid Inspired Party

Our sweet “P” just turned 5 and similar to last year she started daydreaming about her party months in advance. My party planning obsession has clearly rubbed off on my girls over the years as they now know the first step in planning is to choose a theme.

Easter Surprise

Easter is a close second in our house right behind Christmas. For our littles something about the anticipation of an Easter egg hunt and a basket of goodies assembled by some mysterious long-eared furry friend gets them all giddy.

A Frozen Frenzy

My oldest turned six this month and chose to celebrate with a “Frozen” themed party with her friends. I have to admit I am a sucker for party planning. I get caught up in the tiniest of details and always bite off far more than can be realistically accomplished by any one person.