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Presents for Pups

The holidays are a great time to remind ourselves and our littles about showing goodwill towards others. I often try to build these opportunities into our countdown calendar by taking part in activities that demonstrate giving back.

DIY Mermaid Tail Apron

There seems to be this recurring theme for me when I celebrate birthdays for my kids. I make a big list of all the things I’m inspired by and want to accomplish with my party planning and preparations. I fine tune the list and come up with my plan for food, decor, activities and favours. Within […]

DIY • Scrub a Dub Tub

For Q’s Spa Inspired Birthday Party I wanted to incorporate a fun decoration that would be the focal point for our spa theme. I saw this adorable bathtub standup from Birthday Express and considered just buying it, but it was $40 before tax and wouldn’t ship to Canada.

For The Birds

The sweet sound of birds chirping outside my window is a telltale sign that spring is trying really hard to get here. We are just one day away from the official start of the new season and so I was inspired to share a cheerful little DIY inspired by our feathered friends.

Spa Party Invitation

Q is turning seven in a few weeks and has decided on a spa theme for her birthday party. She attended one last year that my girlfriend hosted for her daughter and ever since Q regularly asks to soak her feet and put cucumber slices on her eyes. Ahh… the pampered life of a sweet […]

Let’s Build A Snowman

For our Frozen inspired birthday party I wanted to incorporate a theme worthy craft the girls could work on after lunch. There’s no shortage of ideas out there if you troll Pinterest and the web. From paper snowflakes to ice painting to cute cutouts and printable pages like these. Hands down a family favourite from the movie is […]