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For The Birds

The sweet sound of birds chirping outside my window is a telltale sign that spring is trying really hard to get here. We are just one day away from the official start of the new season and so I was inspired to share a cheerful little DIY inspired by our feathered friends. Continue reading

A Spa… aahhh Party!

If you’re ever stuck for a party idea for girls of any age, might I suggest a spa party. This past weekend I hosted Q’s seventh birthday party with her friends and the theme was a total hit. From foot soaks, to manicures and pedicures, to the perfect finishing touches, the girls ate up every little detail and totally delighted in playing the part of pampered princesses. Continue reading

Spa Party Invitation

Q is turning seven in a few weeks and has decided on a spa theme for her birthday party. She attended one last year that my girlfriend hosted for her daughter and ever since Q regularly asks to soak her feet and put cucumber slices on her eyes. Ahh… the pampered life of a sweet six year old.

With the party date fast approaching I set to work on the invitations. Naturally I scoured Pinterest for some great ideas and came across this one. Since this adorable template by One Charming Party was available as a free printable, my work was halfway done. Continue reading

Failure To Launch

I’ve been quietly working away on this blog on and off for oh I don’t know… about two years or so. For a long time I kept my visibility “private” and just plucked away at the design when I could and wrote a new post here and there.

Each visit to my admin page brought with it a small victory of feeling accomplished in having contributed some new thoughts, but that was then coupled with several setbacks when I realized how technically inept I am. One day my images weren’t all sized the same, the next certain widgets weren’t working properly, and stuff like that. Continue reading

The Princess and the Canopy

When it came time to makeover my girls’ room, the only request they could both agree on was that they absolutely had to have a “princess” bed, (meaning a canopy of some sort draped overhead where they could wake up each day feeling awfully regal and important of course).

I suppose every little girl dreams of a princess bed at some point in her childhood and my two were no exception. The idea is rather sweet and it had the built in benefit of giving them each a cozy little nook to call their own and where they could curl up in solitude when they needed to, since they were now sharing a room and had given up their own individual spaces (more on that here). Continue reading

U is for Unicorn

When it came time to plan Little P’s 4th birthday the inspiration for the party theme came in the form of a single word “UNICORN.” The girl loves all things unicorn and when asked any question really the answer would be the same.

Mommy: What’s your favourite animal?
P: Unicorn

Mommy: What do you want to be for Halloween?
P: Unicorn

(When playing the animal guessing game.)
P: I’m pink, I have a horn, and I have magical powers.
Mommy: A Unicorn?
P: Yes!

So her request was made, but where to start? If only I had held onto my own collection of unicorn posters and figurines that adorned my childhood bedroom. Naturally the idea of a unicorn theme party filled my inner child with glee.

I found this inspiration image on Pinterest and just knew I had to create something similar as the focal point for our party. Plus I figured it would make a great wall hanging for her bedroom afterwards.


This tutorial from Lil Blue Boo is amazing and is the one I used to create my paper mache unicorn head.

The instructions are very simple to follow and although the process is a bit labour intensive you can definitely bang it out in one evening. Just give yourself enough dry time as the wet pieces do take some time to harden.

I chose to use pink tissue paper for the final layer on my unicorn instead of the book pages used in the original tutorial.

Pink Unicorn Head

I also had this sparkly pink paper that I used for the inside of the ears and actual horn.

Pink Paper Mache Unicorn
I purchased a wooden plaque from Michaels in order to mount the paper mache head. (Good item to use a 50% coupon on, they can be pricey).


Pink paper mache unicorn

I gave it a quick coat of white paint and then taking a cue from the original inspiration unicorn, I used these pretty faux peonies I picked up at Home Sense to decorate around the head.


I love the way the flowers soften the whole thing while adding a lot more wow to the final product. Which if I do say for myself turned out pretty great.

The unicorn bust now hangs in P’s room and is such a fun addition to her sweet little space.






Let’s Build A Snowman

For our Frozen inspired birthday party I wanted to incorporate a theme worthy craft the girls could work on after lunch. There’s no shortage of ideas out there if you troll Pinterest and the web. From paper snowflakes to ice painting to cute cutouts and printable pages like these.

Hands down a family favourite from the movie is the loveable character, Olaf. I just had to come up with a fun and easy way to create him. At each place setting the girls found a small box with a ribbon tied card asking “Do you want to build a snowman?” – just like in the movie. Continue reading

A Frozen Frenzy

My oldest turned six this month and chose to celebrate with a “Frozen” themed party with her friends. I have to admit I am a sucker for party planning. I get caught up in the tiniest of details and always bite off far more than can be realistically accomplished by any one person. Continue reading

Missing in Action

One year, two months and six days. That’s how much time has passed between my first and last post on this blog. My only post. Until now that is. I knew when I started out on this journey it was going to be a challenge. Amidst the chaos that is my day-to-day life – chasing after little ones, preparing family meals, keeping a household on schedule, meeting the demands and deadlines of clients, etc. – I thought keeping at minimum a weekly blog post would be totally doable. Clearly, I was wrong. Continue reading