U is for Unicorn

When it came time to plan Little P’s 4th birthday the inspiration for the party theme came in the form of a single word “UNICORN.” The girl loves all things unicorn and when asked any question really the answer would be the same.

Mommy: What’s your favourite animal?
P: Unicorn

Mommy: What do you want to be for Halloween?
P: Unicorn

(When playing the animal guessing game.)
P: I’m pink, I have a horn, and I have magical powers.
Mommy: A Unicorn?
P: Yes!

So her request was made, but where to start? If only I had held onto my own collection of unicorn posters and figurines that adorned my childhood bedroom. Naturally the idea of a unicorn theme party filled my inner child with glee.

I found this inspiration image on Pinterest and just knew I had to create something similar as the focal point for our party. Plus I figured it would make a great wall hanging for her bedroom afterwards.


This tutorial from Lil Blue Boo is amazing and is the one I used to create my paper mache unicorn head.

The instructions are very simple to follow and although the process is a bit labour intensive you can definitely bang it out in one evening. Just give yourself enough dry time as the wet pieces do take some time to harden.

I chose to use pink tissue paper for the final layer on my unicorn instead of the book pages used in the original tutorial.

Pink Unicorn Head

I also had this sparkly pink paper that I used for the inside of the ears and actual horn.

Pink Paper Mache Unicorn
I purchased a wooden plaque from Michaels in order to mount the paper mache head. (Good item to use a 50% coupon on, they can be pricey).


Pink paper mache unicorn

I gave it a quick coat of white paint and then taking a cue from the original inspiration unicorn, I used these pretty faux peonies I picked up at Home Sense to decorate around the head.


I love the way the flowers soften the whole thing while adding a lot more wow to the final product. Which if I do say for myself turned out pretty great.

The unicorn bust now hangs in P’s room and is such a fun addition to her sweet little space.






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