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Q is turning seven in a few weeks and has decided on a spa theme for her birthday party. She attended one last year that my girlfriend hosted for her daughter and ever since Q regularly asks to soak her feet and put cucumber slices on her eyes. Ahh… the pampered life of a sweet six year old.

With the party date fast approaching I set to work on the invitations. Naturally I scoured Pinterest for some great ideas and came across this one. Since this adorable template by One Charming Party was available as a free printable, my work was halfway done.


I downloaded the PDF into Illustrator so I could insert my own details for the party. I loved how Darling Darleen wrote the dates of the week and checked off the appropriate box, so I did the same.

I visited Michael’s to pick up some paper, ribbon and tape. I had a few other party details in raspberry and turquoise so the colour palette was already set and when I found this beautiful floral I knew it would be a good fit.


Once the template was filled out, I printed it on card stock and cut out the individual masks.


I cut the floral paper to the same shape and before glueing the two back sides together, I inserted the end of a length of ribbon between the papers on each side before I glued everything together. This would be the ties for the mask.


Next, I glued a piece of trim ribbon around the outside edges of the invitation front. I used a rick rack ribbon as seen in the inspiration photo as it’s very flexible and bends nicely around the rounded shape of the invitation. I allowed the ribbon to overlap the edge a bit so when you flip it over the trim frames the floral print as well.


For the envelopes I used a standard No. 10 you can pick up anywhere including the dollar store. They are just the right size for these invites and so cost effective.


I wanted to pretty them up a bit so I cut a piece of complimentary paper to fit just inside the envelope and used the envelope’s pre-sticky tabs to secure the paper in place. Easy peasy!

To seal the envelopes I picked up some sparkly tape and cut it with pinking shears to give it a more finished look.


I just love the way these turned out. Finding the inspiration and template saved me a tone of time over designing something from scratch. Q just loved them too and can’t wait to give them out to her friends.


Do you have any spa inspired party tips to share?

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