The Princess and the Canopy

When it came time to makeover my girls’ room, the only request they could both agree on was that they absolutely had to have a “princess” bed, (meaning a canopy of some sort draped overhead where they could wake up each day feeling awfully regal and important of course).

I suppose every little girl dreams of a princess bed at some point in her childhood and my two were no exception. The idea is rather sweet and it had the built in benefit of giving them each a cozy little nook to call their own and where they could curl up in solitude when they needed to, since they were now sharing a room and had given up their own individual spaces (more on that here).

A designer friend had just recently installed a stunning canopy over at another friend’s house which my girls and I were all drooling over.

While it was definitely tempting to hire her to create something equally spectacular for my girls, my DIY instinct took over and I decided I wanted to try and bang this one out on my own. Plus, until we knew for sure this shared space thing was going to work I didn’t want to commit to a permanent installation.

So naturally I set out to research an easy peasy canopy solution I could do by my little old self and here it is. Ta-da!

diybedcanopy-13It’s a little embarrassing how easy this was but I have to admit the results are quite awesome. So here’s the rundown on how to DIY your own canopy just like me.

The canopy frame is made from a hula hoop (if you hadn’t already guessed). I actually had these kicking around from the summer and before I reimagined them they were bright blue.

A few coats of gold spray paint and voila!

The hula hoop will have a seam held together with a small staple. Simply remove the staple and pull the two sides apart.


You can now easily weave your hoop through your fabric. I picked up ready made curtains from IKEA for under $20 per pair. These ones are lightweight and have a delicate line and nub detail running through them.

I decided to use the pre-made tabs on my curtains that would allow a bit of my gold hoop to be revealed, but you could either tack these down or purchase a solid pocket type curtain and then skip the whole painting of the hoop part altogether.


Once the fabric was through I cut eight pieces of ribbon the same length (I’m making two canopies remember, so only cut four pieces if you’re just making one). I measured roughly how far down from the ceiling I wanted my hoop to hang using the centre point where my ring would go and a single piece of ribbon as an estimate.

I cut my ribbon lengths a little longer than I thought I would need so that I could just trim any access once they were hanging and I could I determine my final length.


Since my goal was quick and easy I used double sided tape to secure the ribbon to the hoop. First I laid the ribbon across the width of the tape and trimmed it to size leaving the other side of the tape in tact. I repeated this step on all eight pieces of ribbon.

Then I looped the ribbon around the hoop and adhered the ribbon to itself (not the hoop). This way I could slide the ribbon around the hoop and adjust as needed once hanging.


I repeated this process with three other pieces of ribbon spacing them out evenly among my curtain tabs. Then I repeated this with the second canopy.


To secure the canopy to the ceiling I used a open hook with a threaded base (which I previously sprayed gold to match my hoop) and screwed it directly into the ceiling centred over where the pillow would be on the bed. It’s probably best if you can locate a stud to screw it into for extra strength.


Grabbing my four lengths of ribbon I gathered them together in the centre point of the hoop and tied them off in a knot. Once I hung the canopy on the hook I could adjust the four ribbons sliding them around to help the hoop hang evenly.


The entire project took me under an hour from start to finish (with the exception of dry time for painting the hoops) and cost under $25 per canopy. For such an inexpensive and easy DIY project I was very happy with the end result.


The best reward of course was the girls’ reactions when they saw their new princess beds. They were over the moon and naturally squealed with delight.

They both loved reading stories with Mommy and Daddy at bedtime inside their new cozy nook and Q even said upon waking after her first night in her new bed that she felt just like Sleeping Beauty.

Mission accomplished.

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