welcome to my little slice of the blogosphere.

A dedicated space for me to play out the challenges and victories of motherhood, to explore the balance between being a mom, a wife and as hard as it is to believe at times, an individual. A place to share my ideas, thoughts and inspirations with anyone willing to listen.

Things are happening in our everyday life that I want to freeze and remember forever. This blog is my “pause” button for life. An opportunity to capture a snapshot of our amazing and crazy little world as it unfolds and to hopefully have this perfectly imperfect time capsule to reflect back on over the years.

And if in the process of all of this, I am blessed with a supportive and inspiring community of fellow bloggers and readers that care to join me on this journey, then I couldn’t be more delighted.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your stay and come back again soon.

~ Angie


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